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Steve & Shirley

Steve & Shirley

I haven’t followed the Martin/Zimmerman case very closely. I will catch an opinion every now and then. I remember at the very beginning of this thing when this armed militia showed up in Florida vowing to get even for this racial injustice. I remember feeling then that this is not a good thing when people’s feelings get all hot and out of control. Even Martin’s lawyer was playing the race card in the beginning.

Someone stepped in and brought some calm to the situation and diffused what could have been a very, very bad situation.

The more I listened the more I realized that no one really wanted to hear the facts or listen to the story, or even follow the law. What people wanted was their own agenda to prevail. Whatever we believed in the beginning, from our own bias and perspective, is what we kept. And so we just fed ourselves on more and more and more of the stuff that agreed with our opinion and refused to give any consideration to other points of view or facts.

Sounds to me that this is what we do in this country, what we do as human beings… it is the basis of our sinfulness… wanting our own will over that of any other – even God. Now we have demonstrations in many cities protesting the outcome of a trial, where facts were presented, witnesses questioned, instructions given, and the case was presented, according to the law, before a panel of one’s peers. And because it didn’t come out like we wanted it to… we now think the “system” is corrupt.

Since Zimmerman was not found guilty, we now want the Justice Department of the United States to charge him with a hate crime. Martin was black. Zimmerman is bi-racial who is known for helping black children. People who know him say he is not a racist.

I think what is needed now is the very same thing that was needed the night that this 17-year-old young man was killed; we all need to step back, consider where we are and what the situation really is… and approach this matter with an open, sensitive mind and heart.

I don’t know the answer. I do know that there is racial discrimination in every part of the world and in every situation and system. We do not look through another’s eyes very well. I do know that it is NOT 24 hours a day of talking heads trying to force their opinion on you – from either side. Perhaps the answer is turning to God for insight, forgiveness, and a way to learn from this, grow from this and make this a better world.

Dear Lord, I know we have a lot to learn on how to get along with each other and treat each other as brothers and sisters. Forgive us for failing to see and not seeking to understand the plight of all around us. Open our hearts and eyes that we may see and feel the beat of your love deep inside our being. Amen

Grace and Peace


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