An Open Trunk

thThis week Noah is in an Animation Camp out at the Natural Science Center here in Greensboro. I picked him up around noon and asked how his day had been going? He told me that he and his partner are making this movie (Lego movie) which they have entitled: “The Zombie Apocalypse.” This may not be out in your local movie theaters this summer, but it is certainly intriguing to hear him talk about it.

As we are talking about the happenings of his day, we headed for Jay’s Deli for lunch. They sat us at a table for two by the window. We continued our conversation about the looming apocalypse, and how he was going to have little Lego figures flying through the air.

I happened to look out the window, and I noticed this car with the trunk wide open and no one anywhere near that car. I thought to myself: “I cannot believe how dumb some people are… to leave their trunk wide open right here in the middle of the parking lot.” I called this to Noah’s attention, and then it hit me – it was MY car – the trunk not just cracked a little – no, it is open all the way… like a flag on a bicycle!  Apparently, I cannot only pocket dial someone on my cell phone, I can also sit on my keys and open my trunk. Isn’t life wonderful?

It is so easy to look at the mistakes we see around the world – even up close and personal and wonder how could those people be so dumb. And then we find out it is our error… it is our sin, it is our mistake. We are really no different from anyone else. What makes us think that other people, who do the same things we do, are dumb and yet we do not apply the same standards to ourselves.

I believe the Bible tells us that all of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Not one of us is smarter than a fifth grader. Not one of us is perfect. Not one of us deserves to be called dumb. When it comes to kingdom living, all of us fall short of what God expects from us. But all of us do some mighty dumb things.

Next time you see an open trunk think about me, but more than that, realize that if it were not for the grace of God all of our trunks would be open.

Dear Lord, I don’t know why I do such dumb things, but I sure am thankful that you are there to forgive me, redeem me and restore me, in and through Jesus. Amen

Grace and Peace


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