One Girl’s Response to Bullying

thWe are still hearing of incidents of bullying in schools and neighborhoods, and all over the place. We watch the Big Bang Theory where these PhD’s talk incessantly about all the things that were done to them as they grew up. The catch phrase is “It is Middle School all over again.”

I remember in the 9th grade someone I thought was a friend tried a bullying thing on me… the old Alpha Dog approach to life and school. I didn’t react very well, very thoughtful, very politically correct. I simply punched him in the face. It wasn’t planned. It was just a knee-jerk reaction to something going wrong in the moment. I just happened to land a punch that knocked him to the floor and changed his mind. It was the Opie Taylor thing without all the drama. Believe it or not, everything was fine after that. He knew I would be a friend but I would not be run over or taken over. Respect me for who I am and I will do the same for you. We became good friends after this incident.

bullyingWe recently saw a video on channel 8 about a four year old girl who was bullied at school and her response to that attempt. Every child needs to see this video. I believe it would help them when the same thing happens to them.

It is very clear to see that this little girl has had some discussions about bullying with her mom. Lacking no self-confidence she sees right through the situation to know that this is bullying and she is not going to be taken down by it. I applaud whatever this mom did to give her child the right attitude and approach to a bad situation.

Have you had that talk (over and over again) with your child (children)? And do they know they do not have to be bullied but can approach it from strength. I pray that all our children will be strong within, treat each other with sensitive and compassionate hearts, and seek to lift up the child who needs a friend. I know that is an unrealistic dream – but I dream it anyway. We need that goal before us where all children can join hands and hearts and love and respect one another.

a Grieving HeartYou will notice at the bottom of the header (above) are a list of my books. I have added the last one so you can order The Grieving Heart in paperback form. All the other books are eBooks. I hope that you will take the opportunity to read these and I hope they will help to bring you comfort and grace in time of need.

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