Where’s Waldo?

WheresWaldoDo you remember seeing all those books, puzzles, games and pictures asking you to look all around the picture to answer the question: “Where’s Waldo?” Waldo is this thin, dark haired young man hidden deeply in the picture. He wears glasses, red and white striped shirt and hat, with a pair of jeans.

I remember searching for long periods of time before finally finding Waldo.

Well, today I found Waldo at Harris Teeter. I saw this young man walking out to his car parked in a handicapped parking space. Before you jump to the wrong conclusion hear the rest of the story.

Waldo walked to this car. An older, beaten up sedan with the gas lid missing. It had a handicapped placard hanging from the mirror. Waldo was carrying several bags of groceries. Following him was an elderly black man who could barely walk. Waldo loaded the groceries into the trunk and the old man got in the front passenger’s seat.

Waldo got in, backed the car out and stopped at the front of Harris Teeter. Again, he got out as this little old black lady pushed her buggy (which looked like she needed as a walker) toward the car. Waldo unloaded her groceries and helped her into the car. He returned to the driver’s seat and they drove off.

I know where Waldo is… or at least where he was at 5:25 Wednesday afternoon… he was at Harris Teeter on Lawndale helping his neighbors.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if when everyone was asked that question: “Where is Waldo?” we all could stretch our hands to the sky saying: “I know, I know. He is at Harris Teeter helping his neighbors in need.”

Are you Waldo?

Grace and Peace

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