thWell, the selection committee has made their selections and filled out the field of 64 teams who will make up the NCAA Tournament this year. And, as of course, there is always some controversial selections. Needless to say, they cannot please everyone.

I don’t understand all that goes into being in or out of the tournament, but I have heard that it includes things like strength of schedule – how many tough teams, ranked teams you played this year, how well you did against them, and perhaps what the coaches think about the potential of your team.

I am sure there is more, much more than that. These are highly knowledgable people who live basketball who are making these decisions. This year the controversy is over the number one seeds – how did Duke get a number one seed and Virginia who was ranked number 2 in the nation most of the year end up with a number 2 seed? I went to Duke – that’s my team, and yet I wonder about this also. We did beat them this year… So maybe that was the difference.

I must say we never get it all right – none of us – no matter how well we think we have it together or how on top of things we believe ourselves to be. We may think that we should be chosen but those who do the choosing may have a completely different idea of who is chosen. We play well some days and other days we don’t even show up (look at Duke). This is true in all areas of life. We don’t know what brackets lie ahead of us. Some may be easy while others impossible. We are thankful that the brackets have NOT been already chosen for us… we have free will. But we are even more pleased that the final game has already been won. March madness (Lent) leads to Championship Sunday (Easter).

Since the game has been won we don’t work to get into heaven – that is already ours through faith – what we do is respond in faith to the victory of Christ Jesus by living in a way that each day reveals more of His likeness living through us. Do others see Jesus living through you? Be a winner in life, love each other and people will begin to see Jesus living more and more in us.

a Grieving HeartYou will notice at the bottom of the header (above) are a list of my books. I have added the last one so you can order The Grieving Heart in paperback form. All the other books are eBooks. I hope that you will take the opportunity to read these and I hope they will help to bring you comfort and grace in time of need.

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