Retro 1900 Collides with 2019

Well, awhile back we found ourselves without power. Can you imagine what that does to a techy? No Television. No Computer…which means no emails, no Facebook, no messaging; No air-conditioning. No lights. But, aha, I have my iPhone. And an oil lamb.

So here I am (picture this) after activating the hot spot on my iPhone so that I can send and receive emails and get internet – sitting here by the light of an oil lamp typing my devotional on my Mac. Kinda reminds you of Abe Lincoln doesn’t it?

That night we were being forced to slow down almost to a crawl, actually talk to each other (not over the noise of the TV), be quiet, retrospective, and think about quieter times. (The cat actually purrs???)

I know I was thinking that I will be glad when this intrusion into my techy world is over, but perhaps I will appreciate some quiet time – very quiet time at home talking about what test results will produce.

Trim your lamps and enjoy your PB & J by candlelight. We did.

Dear Lord, you know I do like my techy stuff. Oh, how difficult it would be for me to retro to 1900 with the oil lamps and no phones (I or Me or Wii). Thank you for this quiet time to reflect on the many blessings you are giving us, especially the blessing of Jesus. Amen.

Grace and Peace

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