One of Those Exhausting Days

We had such a wonderful time at the 55th high school reunion last night… remembering the old days… good old days when we were young… trying to remember who was who. We even stayed out past 9:00pm. We went to sleep with sugarplums dancing in our heads… happy memories.

I woke up this morning only to find out that my blog had some kinda bug, gremlin, or some whirlies mischief happening that would not allow me to send out my blog. UGH! I was not a happy camper… but after four years in the Marine Corps, I’ve never liked to camp. I’ve had my share of mosquitoes that were so big they had landing lights. I’ve wondered what every sound was out there. Was it a Viet Cong or just some noise. Was it a sapper digging his way to the command post. After all that, plus the heat and rain and cold, my idea of camping is the Holiday Inn with room service.

I tried all day to get the blog program to work… with no success. I read the dummies book and viewed the videos about these problems on line. No answers.

In the midst of that channel two’s NFL game was being broadcast in Spanish. What in the world was that all about? The commercials were in English but the commentators speech was all in Spanish. It was the only channel that did that. Shirley called channel two technical support and they said our Time Warner device must be set on a secondary language. With his instructions we finally found that it was indeed set on secondary language. Now, we didn’t do that. It was almost impossible to find the way to fix it… why would we want to listen to the game in Spanish. I am thinking that someone came in the house last night while we were enjoying the reunion and played this trick on us. It would not have been something that we accidentally did… you really have to want to do this to make it happen.

By now we were beginning to think that we had gone round the bend… peeking out the windows to see if the people in white coats were walking toward the house.

Then tonight Shirley was wanting to send out a new email list for the Page Ladies Lunch Bunch… a group of her classmates who meet every month to share a meal, support, remembrances and laughter together. Well, the list on my computer had a watermark that was a pirate… and it looked pretty good. Every time she pulled it up on her computer, the pirate was so dark it made some of the names unreadable. I guess we spent a couple of hours with that. She tried to scan my copy and would get a scanner error.

By now we kinda feel like Lee Marvin in the picture above. Not only are we out of it, but so is our horse. It was a mentally tiring day… and we don’t have a lot of mentally left to lose. In church today we sang “It is Well With My Soul” Got a bit lively with “I’ve Got Joy” and the “Hymn of Promise.” Tonight I really needed those hymns to lift up my spirit. I think Jesus has a strange way of knowing exactly what we need, even when we don’t. I needed to be reminded that all is indeed well with my soul, even with the small, insignificant matters like computer and television problems. He knows and surrounds us with the problems of life are almost unbearable.

And so we pray: O Lord, your grace is sufficient for all areas of my life, from the minor to the major. You pour your grace on us and before us. Thank you for surrounding with your loving arms and lifting our spirit. Amen.

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