The Royal Baby

Steve & Shirley

Steve & Shirley

As I begin this devotion today, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has arrived at the hospital, St. Mary’s, and is in labor. Soon there will be the event many people have been waiting for, the birth of the royal baby… the one who will be third in line to the throne of England. At this point we know not whether this baby will be Prince Noah or Princess Abby. But we do know that everyone is excited about this very special event.

You know what gets me is that this child has done nothing. It is just being born into a family, and that family happens to be royal. And that royalty makes this child special.

George W. Bush and I agreed with some things and disagreed with others. But, being the good Methodist he is, he cared about the children with his program called “No Child Left Behind.” Even though it didn’t work and was never funded, the concept was right on target. Every child should be special. No child should be left out or left behind.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the news reporters lined up outside the hospital when your child was born? When every child was born? Saying to every child “You Are Special! You Are Royalty! You Are A Child of The King!” And what if we treated each child as a child that would one day inherite the throne? Can you imagine how the world could be changed if we would treat each child as a prince and princess, and do all that we could to make sure that they were given all the advantages of being raised as a child of the King.

Guess what? Each child already is a child of the King of kings, and therefore each one should be treated as royalty.

Grace and Peace


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  1. This is a wonderful note. I too believe every child is special and should be treated as such. There is so much abuse and mistreatment of children today. Thank you for this beautiful note.

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