Ten Year Old Boy Killed After School Bus Stop

img_0959I can not understand how people can miss seeing this big yellow vehicle with flashing red lights… or why people do not slow down and pay extra attention in places where children are present? It absolutely bows my mind. The headline read: “Child dies from injuries after being struck by vehicle in Winston-Salem; woman charged.”

A child has died from his injuries after being struck by a vehicle moments after getting off a school bus in Winston-Salem. The accident happened in the 400 block of East Wright Street at about 3:25 p.m.

Police say 10-year-old Alexander Torralba Perez was struck by a 2014 Toyota Rav4 traveling toward Emerson Street. The driver of the Rav4 has been identified as Imani Louise Blanche Stanley, 21, of Winston-Salem.

Stanley left the roadway to the right and struck Perez, then continued to travel eastward until colliding into a small tree and fence. Police say Stanley then exited the vehicle and left the scene, but was subsequently taken into custody.

Perez was transported to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center where he later died from his injuries. Stanley is charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle, felony hit and run and failure to maintain lane. She was placed under a $35,000 secured bond.

I continue to see people of all ages and station texting while driving. I see people reading their iPads, even books and news papers while driving. I see people with phones stuck so far in their ears that they wander from lane to lane. I see people driving 40 & 45 through parking lots, where children are apt to appear from behind a parked car, or through a school zone where there is absolutely no excuse.

What will it take for us to wake up and start looking out for each other… especially the children who can’t take care of themselves. Years ago I started driving slow and cautious through parking lots because as little boy got away from his mom and ran out in front of me. Had I not been driving slow and paying attention I would have hit that child. Ever since then I pictured my son running out between those cars. Now, I picture my grandchildren doing the same. In other words, we all have to make it personal… we have to put a name of someone we know behind every death. And then translate that personal feeling to our phone, our driving, texting or whatever other distracted driving we practice.

Make it personal just like Jesus did!!!! That is the only way we are going to save the children.

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  1. You are so right. I don’t text. It is hard enough to type on a key board. Here at MacDill you will be ticketed for using your cell phone while driving if the vehicle is moving. When will it stop? It is not just in Winston Salem, Greensboro, or Tampa. It’s nationwide.

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