Been Away – Started Writing a Novel

cropped-cropped-img_7152.jpgWell, guys, I guess I should have warned you that I would be away for a little while writing a novel. Should have… Could have… Just didn’t. As they say: “My Bad!” As most of you who follow me know that I have written nine books so far. They have been religious in nature: The Grieving Heart, Daily Devotions with Pastor Steve, Lectionary Homilies – years A and year B, My Life as a US Marine, The Sayings of Noah, two Nutritional Log books to help us pay attention to what we are eating, and a Journal for our meditations. They have been sold in Europe, the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan and the United States.

My new adventure is a work of fiction entitled: “Kill Potus.” Some friends posed the question: “Why would a retired preacher write a book about killing the President of the United States?” I am not real sure I have the answer to that. I wish safety and well-being to all our Presidents no matter which party. And I don’t think that it has anything to do with our current President. I do not wish him any harm. I have wondered, back during the primaries, if either candidate would be safe in today’s crazy world?

The book is really not about killing POTUS, but more ways to save his life. A new FBI team has been brought in to investigate the assassination of a former President of the United States, and to seek to run assassination simulations on the current President in order to keep him sake. You see the premise is… as I am sure it is for the Secret Service… every successful simulation we can run on the president is, in reality, one more threat against his life we can take off the board.

It has been a rewarding, trying, frustrating, exciting time for me. I took James Patterson’s Masterclass on writing fiction and found it absolutely inspirational. His class gave me the push I needed to step out and put pen to my story. So far it has fifty-five chapters of a plot outline, with me being on my second rewrite.

I will tell you up front… there is no bad language in my book. I don’t think that is necessary to tell the story. If it hinders the sales, then so be it. I am the one who has to look my grandchildren in the face and answer them when they ask: “Papaw, why did you say that?” I don’t like bad language in movies, television shows, books, on Facebook, or in everyday life. No goodie two-shoes… just think it’s not the proper way for a person to speak.

Promise to be more faithful in my blogging. It will not be as frequent as it was but I will be better than the last 45 days.

Grace and Peace to all


PS. I must add that my plot outline at fifty-five chapters is nothing like the one I included in my last blog… big time difference.


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