Proof-Reading Your Life

I have just received a “Proof” copy of my latest book. It is my second proof. Second because I have changed it since I ordered the first one. I ordered it because I not only want to see what it looks like in digital form, I also want to see the print on the page, see the cover, and actually feel the book in my hands. It is important to me to see and feel and experience the book first-hand before I actually publish it.

I ordered several copies this time because I am asking several people to give me their ideas about the book. You know, answering questions like: Is it a page turner? Do you want to find out what is going to happen next? Are you happy about the plot twists and turns? Do you like the way it ends? How would you change the plot to make it more exciting or interesting?

I have found over the years of writing that I really do need a proofreader… ’cause I miss a lot of errors when I read back over the stuff I have written. I think our minds just see, in most cases, what we intended to write and not what is really there on the page. I found a new trick my computer will do… that is I can get it to read the printed text to me. Many times I will hear the mistake when it is read. I found quite a few mistakes that way through the computer text read option. Other errors are found by my wife. She is an excellent proofreader. Her secret is two-fold; she is smart and she reads it backwards. Those two combined make for a powerful editing tool.

We all need editors for the very same reason… we tend to over look our mistakes, seeing only what we intended and not what we said or did. Sometimes we think our beliefs are spot-on what Jesus would have us do. However, sometimes it takes Jesus walking in our shoes for us to understand that our thoughts and beliefs or actions and behaviors have not been what Jesus has wanted us to be. No matter how we rationalize it… if you don’t see the love, grace and mercy of Jesus in it, it most likely isn’t about Jesus.

All of us need a proofreader… taking a look at our work to see how right and how wrong we are. More than that, we need someone to let us know there is a Proofreader who offers us the correction of mercy, love and grace. He applies it to our lives and our story is lifted to a higher plane.

Grace and Peace


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