Tripping On Missions

Well, it is Sunday morning and we are preparing for church… ready to hear what Dr. Howell will share with us today… knowing that I need words of hope, comfort and challenge. I spent most of yesterday working with this new website which I am hopelessly trying to understand. I watched several YouTube videos on the subject and even purchased on of those “…For dummy’s” books (Kindle Edition) to help me through. Boy do I feel helpless. It is kinda like jumping off a cliff and reading a book on how to stop falling while you are plummeting toward the ground.

Speaking of feeling helpless, our son and his family are heading out for Fayetteville today to do some mission work with their church. Spending all week in the hot Fayetteville sun helping repair some of the damage from Hurricane Matthew. And we say: “Wait, wasn’t that a year ago?” It sure was and there is still damage there and elsewhere from which people continue to need recovery help. Well, Pleasant Garden United Methodist Church is on the way to HotVille to help people in need.

I’ve got to tell you I am so proud of this church and very proud of my family. Our grandkids are always helping out in some way at different places around the county… the Thrift Store, Coble Center, Schools, neighborhood clean-up, visiting the nursing homes, helping member of the church with yard work. Those kids and their parents are good examples of helping people in need.

The other day there was a discussion in the car about what our grandkids call their generation. Noah, said: “We are not Millennials. I’m not quite sure what they call us… we haven’t been labeled yet.” If you haven’t been labeled then why don’t you do the labeling before other do… “Let’s call you the NEXT GREAT GENERATION.” No doubt they are already great and with that label they will have vision and courage to meet and succeed their namesake.

So for all the helpers of this new generation, all the kids looking for an identity, a path to travel, a vision to grasp… here it is: You are the NEXT Great Generation. Now go out and fulfill that vision.

Grace and Peace









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