Grenades in the Webpage

Well, as you know I have been working on this dog gone or cat gone website for several days… and it ain’t been no fun… double negative and all. It was caused by something my wife absolutely hates… updating. Every time she updates her phone she can’t get it to do the stuff she has just learned how to do, and likes the way it is being done. Microsoft updated her right off the number TEN Windows to an Apple MacBook Pro. She wants her old XP back.

I must admit, my old webpage looked half way decent. I could maneuver around it quite easily. But NOOOOOOO, I wanted it to look better…more attractive… able to do more things. Well, right after I installed a new theme and upgraded to a business account… a grenade went off inside and blew that thing to the alligator pits of Parris Island. I have even purchased two books to help… one especially for dummies… neither one helped this dummy. I even had several online chats with support… no help, that plugin doesn’t work. I am persuaded that one day it will work again. Just not right now. As we say… “In God’s good time.”

The second thing was when I went to Barnes and Nobles to get my wonder book, I let Shirley off at Belk so she could pick out whatever it is I got her for our anniversary (52 years). You should have felt a disturbance in the force, I left my cell phone at home… I know OMG. I take my little 15 minutes to get my book and get back to Belk and wait for another 1 hour and 15 minutes for Shirley to come out. I parked in one place for about 45 minutes and then moved to another place. I finally backed out and headed down toward Belk and Shirley is sitting on the bench outside Belk. As she got in the car she said: “Why didn’t you call me? I’ve been in there just walking around waiting for you to call. And I was getting ready to call you.” I replied: “Remember, I said at Olive Garden that I didn’t have my phone?” She said: “When I walked away from the car, I said: ‘Call me when you are ready.'”

We hadn’t been home but about an hour when we heard this knocking on the door… you know the kinda of knock that only a friend does. It wasn’t a friend. It was a guy selling books to give to children so he could go to school. I really wanted to help but he was selling 6 books for $40.00. He was all over the place with his pitch, ending up saying could you give me something so it could all add up to a sale. Showing me his folder, which had several $5 bills behind that plastic sheath, I finally said: “I will give you $5 or $10 to help you.” He just frowned, turned and walked away. Not really sure about what really took place there.

Steve and Shirleys weddingDo you know that out of all the stuff that happened today… Shirley got the wonderful gift I got for her… although she hasn’t shown it to me just yet. I didn’t have to go door to door in the hot and sticky humidity of an NC summer selling something to go to school. I do have a lot of health problems. But today I celebrated 52 years with my best friend as my wife. We have been so very fortunate to have had each other this long. Hey, and we still can recognize each other… can’t hear one another… but I can still pick her out in a crowd. There is a lot to be said for that.

We have a wonderful Son, daughter-in-law, and two absolutely amazing grandkids. They make our days and our night so much more complete… and exciting. Even though there are days when she has too much husband and I have too much wife, we still love each other just like we did when we were kids. Happy 52nd Squirrley. Love you, Babe.

Grace and Peace


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