Up or Down a New Path

Well, guys, I am doing it again. Doing what? I am glad you asked. I am trying to update the look and functionality of my blog site. I want it to look a little fresher and be capable of offering more opportunities to you and me.

One of the opportunities I am looking at is the ability to direct you, and all who visit my site, to see a listing of all my books – without me having to physically enter that info with every post. That little diddy will allow me more time to write my posts… and stop procrastinating and finish my novel.

What all of that means is I had to upgrade my WordPress site to business to be able to get these additional features. Working through that is always a nightmare for me. It seems the older I get the lest techy I am.

Please bear with me as we go through this transition.


Be sure to take a look at the “Amazon Books and Things” page I have included. I call to your attention especially the works of Reverend Doctor James Howell. I believe you will find his compassionate heart shinning through all the honest work he does. I enjoy hearing him preach every Sunday at Myers Park UMC in Charlotte.

Just click on some of his books and take a quick look-see. Oh, if you happen to see any of my books you may… by some slim chance want to take a quick look-see at them… may not hurt.



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