Epiphany in August

After about 4 twelve-hour days working on this blasted website, I have had an Epiphany. There was no bright shinning star in the east, certainly no wise men around here, may have been at least one donkey (if you get my drift) in the story. The Epiphany was in the form of a realization that I could be spending my time more profitably. WOW!!!

Well, you don’t have to hit me with a freight train to get my attention… or maybe you do. I’ve been spending from 9am to around midnight the last four days working on this. Headaches, trouble sleeping, aching muscles (or whatever it is I have left of those things I use to call muscles), and just being more and more exhausted each day. I think the train came by sometime this afternoon… I didn’t even see it coming or realize I was on the tracks.

Have you ever been there? That place where you were just stuck. Didn’t want to give up and go back, but the way forward was really not the way you should be going at this particular time. I’ve been in combat and never felt that way. I’ve served the church for forty years and didn’t feel that way (came close, but never crossed that barrier). If I weigh what I am attempting to do with what I could be doing, there is no question… wrong path, dude.

Just think, I could be finishing my book. I am up to 360 pages right now and taking a little break while some friends are taking a look at the second proof. I’ll get back to it… I am eager to get back to it… I need to get back to it… I want to find out how it really ends. I could be spending some time at the old fishing hole, feeding the fish. I could be spending more quality time with my wife and family. There are a lot of better things I could be doing instead of working on a computer program which seems to change each time I load it.

Are you doing the better thing… the God thing? Don’t wait for the train to come rolling in… don’t waste anymore time on the lesser… reach for the heart of the matter. Walk out to Jesus on your troubled seas knowing that his hand is outstretched to you in every endeavor of mercy and grace.

Grave and Peace



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