Change in the Blog Website

Hey Guys,
I have made some changes to the blog site that I hope you will receive benefit. I have added some Amazon sites along the left hand column which you can go to when you want to find some Amazon deals. Give her a test drive and see what you think.



The second thing is a widget for showing any videos you may want to enjoy. Don’t worry they don’t come on automatically, but you have to click it to get it playing. At the present time, I have started with my favorite video… that is Donny Osmond singing “The Last Full-Measure of Devotion” appropriate for Memorial Day. I hope you will take advantage of hearing his soul-touching expression of that song.

Finally, I have installed a music widget which will allow me to add some of my favorite songs, hymns and the like. I have a lot more than the ones listed, but for some reason this program will not recognize some of my “purchased” iTunes songs. I hope to get that corrected in the near future. Enjoy the ones I have there at present.

I hope to continue to make improvements to make your trip to my blog site more fruitful. Thank you for walking along in this journey with me. It sure is a “Hoot” some times.

Grace and Peace


2 Responses

  1. Shirley Martin says;
    It’s a “HOOT” all the time!

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