What Would You Have Done?

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The town in which the small Christian congregation was situated was often invaded by North Korean soldiers and then, hours later, reclaimed by forces from the South.

That explains why the believers worshipped as quietly and anonymously as they could. Apparently, they were not quiet or anonymous enough. Shortly after they began, some of the communist soldiers barged in, machine guns at the ready. The worshippers were lined up and four of them were selected for special attention.

A picture of Jesus was ripped from the table which served as an altar and thrown on the floor. The soldiers ordered, “You four, one by one, I want you to come by here, spit on this picture, and curse your Savior’s Name!” The first three in line were men of the church, and they did what the soldier said to do. They spit on the picture, and they cursed the Name of Christ.

The fourth one in line was a high school girl. She came up to the picture, and she dropped to her knees. She wiped the spittle off with her skirt, and she said, “Go ahead and kill me. I cannot curse my Savior’s Name.”

The soldier said, “Get up!” They blindfolded that girl and marched her, along with the three men outside. The worshippers left behind heard the shots, and they also saw the soldiers return, with the girl. Then, hearing sounds which said the village was being recaptured and they needed to leave, the spokesman for the soldiers said, “Learn this lesson: those men died because anyone who gives up what they believe so easily is not fit to be a communist.”

The question for us is this: “What would you have done?” For us it is a theoretical question. For many of our brothers and sisters around the world, it is a reality.

What would you have done? I know Jesus endured all manner of indignities, as He walked the path that brought about our salvation. He was rejected, spit upon, beaten, whipped and crucified. Even so, He continued on and gave His life to save ours.

But what would you do? Would you give your life for Him? I believe you would. Then I encourage you to live for Him.

Grace and Peace


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