No Perfect Solution

A man had a dilemma. His beloved aunt was very sick and was not expected to recover. She lived in London. He was willing to spend his savings to go over there but he was not a wealthy man. He knew he could not afford to go twice.

So he was trying to decide whether to visit her while she was alive, so that he could tell her how much she meant to him in person, or whether to wait and spend the money on a ticket to her funeral.

Together, he and his pastor, weighed the pros and cons. They both seemed to feel that he was being pulled to visit her now, while she was still alive. But the choice would not be an easy one. He knew that when the time came for the funeral, he might have deep regrets about not being able to be there with his extended family.

It’s hard to make a decision like that. Much easier when the answer is obvious. In life, is any answer an obvious one? At times when I have thought there was one clear and correct answer, the situation invariably turns out to be more complicated than I had thought. I doubt that there is ever a perfect solution to a problem. In the end, we have to settle for one of many imperfect options. And pray for God’s grace.

Dear God of Wisdom, we pray for those individuals who are torn apart in an important decision, that they will know your peace amidst a sea of imperfect options, and that through Jesus feel the assurance of that continued presence. Amen.

Grace and Peace


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