True Story

A while back, two stories peaked my interest (other than the insane goings on in the Middle East). The first was about a young college basketball player scoring 138 points in a single game. He set the record for NCAA scoring which use to be 116 points. Jack Taylor (now known as magic Jack) made 27 3-point shots and 52 overall from the field. He attempted 108 shots – an average of one shot every 20 seconds. I like this wording from the press: “He had 58 points at half-time. Then he got hot.” Believe it or not there was a player on the opposing team, David Larson, who scored 70 points.

Isn’t that amazing? Scoring all those points? Setting what may very well be an unbreakable record? Being in the record book for many years to come? WOW!

The second story was about a blind, deaf, 3-legged dog, named “True,” who was more “magic” than Magic Jack. Listen to their story.

GRADY COUNTY, Okla. – Katie Crosley has endured her fair share of hardship. Her son, Jace, was born with a heart defect. Crosley said, “We spent four weeks in NICU. When it rains, it pours, I guess.”

Early Sunday morning smoke and flames consumed their Grady County cabin. Katie and Jace woke up to a wailing Dachshund. A genuine miracle, she believes, considering “True,” their pet dog is blind, deaf and only has three legs. “I thought he had to go outside,” she said. “When I opened the door, it was a wall of flames.” An electrical short ignited a fireball on the front porch, barricading Katie and Jace inside.

They navigated through the smoke and out the back. The fire victims lost everything, including all the baby supplies they had just collected. “All his stuff from NICU, medical records, all gone,” she said. “So that’s the hardest part, having all that stuff from when he was little.” There is little left here and yet, Katie is grateful for so many things, mostly the disabled Dachshund nobody wanted. She said, “We’re thankful for him. This could have been a bad deal.” An animal rescue that somehow returned the favor.

It is amazing to me that this rescue animal – disabled – could do such a miraculous thing. It would be difficult for a healthy dog… but a blind, deaf dog… it is indeed a miracle.

Which story is the one you need today? With all that is going on in this old world… with all that is happening in Texas… I like the guy who scored 138 points, but I need to hear stories – “true” stories of lives that are saved by those who go beyond their capabilities to capture and express their best inner self. Jack may be magic, but True is a miracle we all need.

Dear Lord, there are stories that excite us, thrill us, uplift us and inspire us. Thank you for all of them in our lives, but especially for the stories when even a blind, deaf, 3-legged rescue dog rises above his disabilities to rescue those in danger. We need these stories to remind us who we are in and through Jesus. Amen.

Grace and Peace


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