Older and Slower

My life has become a slow-motion world where everything moves like thick honey dripping from a spoon or waiting for the Catsup to come out the opening of the bottle. The world says “Hurry up. Do it faster!” But my life seems to move at “Turtle Time.” I can almost tell you how much time it takes for me to walk from the car to each doctor’s office. I try to follow the nurse taking me back to see the doctor, but she rounds the corner – out of my vision. I see her pop her head back around that corner to see if I am coming.

Even mindless tasks take more time and energy. Changing clothes is a balancing act of getting your shorts on before your foot gets caught in the leg and throws you in the floor. Sometimes it is funny, other times it is scary. After changing clothes or taking a shower requires a twenty-minute rest to catch my breath.

I have recently come to the realization that in the slowness of life small wonders should be sought out. The bunny family in the back yard who eat our clover. The squirrels which empty Shirley’s bird feeder or sits in the tree eating one of our neighbor’s tomatoes. The highlight of my day (I hate to say) is discovering my weight and recording it for the doctor. And taking my glucose readings three times and wondering why it is so low or high, and recording it. One good thing is when I can walk, Shirley and I go for short (to the Dr.) walks together

I pray that God, no matter how slowly my life is unfolding, God’s hand is moving in the circumstances of my day… covering me with God’s grace and peace. Thank God I am still moving forward. Amen.

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