You’ve Got Mail

Each day I love to hear when the “Bill” man goes up the street ’cause that means he will be coming back down on our side bringing us news for today. We have nicknamed him “Bill” because that is mostly what he brings to our house. We tried naming him “Check” man but that just didn’t work. No matter how hard we wished it to be so, it never was.

Then we hear it, the little truck pulls up next door and he walks to our box and we hear the slamming of that door. It is music to our ears: “You’ve Got Mail.” Wonder what we will have today… bills (of course) letters from friends, cards, slick ads for stuff we don’t need or can’t afford. We mostly get mail for our border “occupant.” He gets more mail that we do.

I can almost always count on the “Angel Gang” from Pleasant Garden UMC sending me those special home-made thinking of you – praying for you cards. They have been doing that for years and it makes me all warm inside as I remember those ladies gathering each week to make sure the sick are cared for in a special way. I hope they know how much they mean to all of us who don’t get out much anymore. They are a constant blessing.

I am a little disappointed when the box is empty. But I shouldn’t be. Those folks who care still care even if there is no word today. I am reminded that scripture written for me to read… love letters, if you will… words of wisdom, encouragement and hope are always there for me to just pick up and jump in. So if there is only junk mail from “Bill” in the box today, I know God is sending me words every single day.

My prayer is that I want to live my life as more than an occupant. I want to live so that others might see Christ in me. When my life seems insignificant, remind me that I still have value. Today I will send a card or email or make that phone call to a neighbor who is going through some ruff times… something to just say Hey, I am thinking about you today and it is really postmarked God’s Blessings. Amen

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