Hey Dad, Do You Remember….

Often times now days I have to stop mid-sentence when I am wanting to ask my dad a question. He will know the answer. Then I realize that dad went to that heavenly country in 2010. I can no longer ask for that fatherly advice or find out those tricky answers about family situations. Have you ever found yourself doing that? I think it must be one of those things we all unconsciously do.

Bidding farewell is hard, even though we know they are much better off now. It hurts to reach out for that hand and it is not there anymore. I especially miss all the knowledge he had to offer about family ancestors. Where did Uncle Tommy Moore live in Stuart, Virginia. I’ve been there once, as a child, but I could never find my way back. I remember the rolling hills of their apple orchard and the cousins we found anew. I remember the big White House and how the meal was set outside like we were at a reunion.

Today, in my sunset years, I find a bittersweet remembrance so far away. No-one I can ask, especially not my dad. Tears gather as I remember some of life’s stories we created together. In the solitude of the early evening I sometimes sink into sadness. Maybe there is some comfort in knowing that Jesus wept.

Lord, you never said the journey would be without pain and struggle. One day I will celebrate with loved ones and friends who wait there for me in that heavenly country. Til then, we will walk hand in hand through this journey. Amen.

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