Blessings of Untold Joy

Sometimes I wonder if long life is really a gift. Bone-tired and weak, I can’t even open a jar of dill pickles. I feel so useless at times. And then I begin to think of the many blessings my long life has provided. I have watched and participated as our son and grandchildren have grown from tiny little fragile infants, toddlers, middle-schoolers, to high school. The wedding of our son to a beautiful bride. Our grandchildren, each one remarkable in their own way… all smart as they can be. Tears of joy have filled my eyes at countless dance performances, talent shows, Christmas programs, t-ball, soccer, swimming matches, award ceremonies and soon to be our first high school honors graduate grandson.

My life has been chockfull of Christmas mornings and summer vacations. These are the special gifts of a long life. These tender moments make me rich beyond measure. It is true, I have known the heights and depths of both joy and heartache. But through it all God has been blessing me with untold joy.

And so, I pray: O Lord, may the footprints I leave behind my life guide others to see the love and grace you pour upon us all. I accept today as yet another day filled with Your gifts. I open my heart with gratitude, knowing the purpose in this day… to be more like Christ. Amen.

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