Another One of Those Days

Ever feel you are just here? Today is another one of those days for me. It seems like playing leap frog – leaping from one day of depression over good days – positive days – only to land on another day filled with depression. From feeling good and worthwhile to days of feeling I am just here. Stalled out. Just a little more than taking up space. It seems like I am just marking time until God is ready to receive me in the heavenly country.

Going through the motions, trying to smile, of living without really being alive. Marching in the same place over and over, day after day. Going nowhere. Just here.

Lord, help me wrestle with this sluggish depression. Sweep away my gloomy spirit. Change the way I am looking at life. Let me find that tiny ray of sunlight that pierces the darkest clouds. Lift me out of that abyss that says I am just here to where I know I am, and always will be, in your loving arms. Walk beside me through the Valley all the days of my life. Amen.

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