A Good Night’s Sleep

It’s been a long, long day… a very long day of seeing two doctors, a blood test, and an iron infusion. I feel very much in need of that iron right now… all used up and all wrung out. Some use to say: “I feel like a horse that was rode hard and put up wet.” Or I’m just like a limp old, wet dish cloth.

Night time is here, and by that I have come to mean (at my age) the sun is going down. I struggle to get my covers together. Even changing into my night sweats has become an ordeal. I head for my recliner (which since the 1980’s has become by bed that keeps my head lifted so I can breath better) with my blankie and fall into my chair.

I intend to watch a little television but it better be REALLY interesting or I don’t make it through. On nights like this I want to shake my fist and cry out to God, “Why is growing old so hard?” The sun is barely down, Wheel has just gone off, and I long for a night of good rest. Some night that is very difficult with my three trips to the bathroom during the night.

I pray, Lord, wrap me in your calming presence. Refresh this old body and mind with hours of uninterrupted sleep. As my eyes close tonight, let my mind and soul rest in you. Come, sweet, sweet sleep. Amen.

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