The Wonderful Joy of Grandchildren

I must admit – I am proud to boast that we have the greatest grandkids in the world. We were so very fortunate to be able to keep them when they were infants til they started middle school. Even then we would wait in the car line to pick them up every day. They have been a wonderful joy in our lives – bright and shinning stars.

Not so long ago Noah would sing with his mechanical leopard “Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing.” Little Abby would put on her cowboy hat and I am sure she thought she was Taylor Swift. They would arrive early in the morning and didn’t have to leave until after five each day. We got hugs and giggles and even a spaghetti bowl on the head of one. They were smart, inquisitive, creative loving brother and sister. They brought us unbelievable joy – and still do.

I once held them by the hand to guide them safely through the day. Now they steady me as I sometimes stumble (a little) next to them. It is so humbling to accept help, especially from these two who always waited for me to come home at lunch and fall in love all over again as I got in the floor with them and played whatever they had in mind.

God, where are you when the generational tables turn, when the young look after the old? If they get in the floor with me now it is because I have fallen and can’t get up. Is it your plan, O God, that we learn to serve each other and accept being served? Give me the grace to surrender my pride, to delight in my grandchildren’s compassion. In this curious season where old and young intersect, may we look in each other’s eyes and see the eyes of Christ peering back. Amen.

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