SAT Tests and Scores

This morning my Grandson, Noah will be taking his SAT. A lot is riding on that test. As a senior, he now has a 4.70 GPA. He wants to become a history teacher, ultimately a history professor in college. He is a great student who does love history. But this SAT combined with his GPA will determine what scholarships he is offered – and Lord knows he needs all the financial help he can get. It will also determine which schools he will be able to attend.

Noah has had letters and emails from Western Carolina University. He has yet to apply at any school. He could probably go to any school (with scholarships) he might chose. But Noah is a homebody who likes a small college with a good teaching program. He likes Greensboro College partly because of the swim coach. He is on the hight school swim team and looks forward to being on GC’s swim team. He really likes the swim coach who he says is a really nice guy.

Back in my day, I joined the Marines and did not take an SAT. After service I was accepted at Guilford College, moved to Pfeiffer College for my BA, Duke Divinity School for my M.Div, and Trinity for my D.Min. I got through with the help of the GI Bill, grants, scholarships and student loans… while working all the time as a pastor. It took about 20 years to pay this off… but we did it.

I don’t know an SAT prayer except Lord, help me be clear-headed and ready to give my all for this test. Take away my nerves and help me be calm and assured that you are with me in all that I do. Amen.

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