Everyday Ordinary Days

There is a slow, steady rhythm to everyday ordinary days. Uneventful kind of days that follow a simple routine of meals, medications, and favorite television shows seem very welcomed at my age. I remember Arlene Smith who would tell me: “Now Preacher, don’t plan any meetings while Wheel of Fortune is on ’cause I won’t be there til it goes off.” And she was true to her word.

It is during this time that empty squares march across the calendar. One day seems to feel just like the next. The truth is I like those days which are uninterrupted by crisis or sudden change. Flashing lights of an ambulance outside my front door usually doesn’t bring happy news. I am thankful for the repetition of the ordinary. I am happy that my computer tells me the date, time, and day of the week. It is where we go to to see what is happening in this ordinary day. Is it ordinary or will it be different?

Seems like it is easy to get lost in the monotony of the day, especially when we feel drained of energy and not all that interested in much of anything. I think one of the reasons I have started writing again is to save me from the emptiness that comes with too much time to think and too little to do. It has become fertile soil for negative thoughts to grow.

And so I pray: Lord, help me rediscover the abundant blessings in my life. I look through the pictures we have taken and give thanks for the stories of my life. I will pray for my loved ones, calling each by name. Remind me of Mrs. Gamble who had pictures on her bulletin board at the kitchen desk of all those she prayed for each day. My family’s picture was up there and I knew she was praying everyday. Lord, show me the extraordinary joy in ordinary days and help me be more like her. Amen.

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  1. I am praying that your day is filled with that true joy that comes from Him, and all the people you love on this earth.

    Peace & His Grace to you!♥️

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