Miracle of Medicines

Plastic brown and white cylinders fill my “Pill” bag. Prescription medications with hard-to-pronounce names and untold side effects. They provide (hopefully) a better quality of life; at least that is what some of the commercials say… if you can get past all the stuff they can cause.

Take twice a day. Once in the morning. Four times a day. Every eight hours. Every twelve hours. Take only one-half a pill on Mondays. Take thirty-minutes before the other meds each Monday. Take with food. Take on empty stomach. It is a good thing I have all this stuff written down.

One is for blood pressure. To keep heart rate slow. To keep my heart in rhythm. Rid me of fluid retention. Gout. Keep potassium at the proper level. Anxiety. (Boy, I need that one). Cholesterol. A couple to help my heart pump better. After a while it seems to all run together. I take ten in the morning, two at four pm., two at six pm., two at nine pm., and only five at bedtime.

It seems strange that my world revolves around pills and capsules. Some I must take to stay alive. When I was young and we were packing for vacation, the first thing in the car was my golf clubs. Now the first thing is my “Pill” bag.

I have found that more than the greatest miracles of modern medicine is the miracle of God’s love. God has placed immeasurable value on my life – not because I deserve it but because of who God is. It is good for me to know and affirm that the Great Physician’s will for my life is wellness and restoration. It sure does help me for God to give me a daily heavy dose of humor to ease the anxiety and pain.

And so, I pray: Lord, supply me with the balm of encouragement that overcomes fatigue. Help me to respond to you and others in prayer and praise. Above all, help me to keep my eyes on You, the Healer of broken lives and timeworn bodies. Amen.

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