Caught Sneaking Out of the Hospital

Earlier the Internal Medical team hinted that I would be going home today. Later in the morning they came back in (looked like about 10 of them) and said they were having the cardiac team to consult. First they send in the PA to get info, and then later (before lunch) came in looking like they were about to do an intervention. They examined me and said, even tough I had lost 26 pounds, I still have fluid and some of that fluid is around my heart.

In addition to that, they mentioned some Greek medical language with a person from Klein’s office about pacing too much. The short of that is they may change my pacemaker to a bilateral type… makes the heart pump differently. They also ordered these wrappings around my lower legs. It is called some kind of uno-boot. I am required to lye in bed with my feet higher than my head. That is to reduce the retention of fluid in my legs.

Soooooo, here I am knowing these docs are doing their best to get me more healthy. And I pray: Lord, I need your help to give me the needed cooperation and patients to boldly and understandably do all I can to work positively with all who are trying to heal me… even the people in the cafeteria who bring me that wonderful food each day. Amen.

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