When the Grumpy Sneaks Up on You

Ever had one of those days that just started out poorly – badly? This poor start can ruin your entire day if something doesn’t happen to turn it around. A few days ago I had awaken from an entire night of hooked up to a potassium drip. It started at midnight and didn’t finish until around 9:00am. However, before 9:00am they started another drip of Lasix, which would drip for an hour. I was not a happy camper. In fact, I was probably getting on the grumpy side of life.

Two IV drips running and the breakfast they brought me was absolutely the wrong items. I didn’t like a single thing on that tray except for the milk. And, and, and I found out that I had another eight hours of a potassium drip added to my schedule. I am afraid you could see the steam rising from my grumpiness. It was there and getting ready to blaze.

With all this stuff going the wrong way, and my disgust with the way the day was beginning, something very, very small changed my whole outlook. While waiting for my reorder to get here, I looked at the little carton of 2% milk from Glenview Farms. I was reading down through the stats and found in the ingredients this statement: “Contains Milk.” For some reason that struck me as amazingly funny – a milk carton having the ingredients of milk in it. Who would have ever thought to put that on a carton of milk.

For some reason my grumpy old man left and a smiling guy sat in his place – all because of that little quote. I guess I must be quite simple minded, but that changed it all – my outlook, my approach to the day, my acceptance of the things happening that day. I found out that when the grumpy is sneaking up on you – look for something funny. It could change your entire day. Perhaps put a sign on the fridge that reads: Contains Food.

And so I pray: Lord, thank you for changing my day in this simple but strange way. It changed my entire day – perhaps I saw a little of you in that message… calling me to laugh rather than grumble. Amen.

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  1. Hope your day is happy & filled with laughter!

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